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Shri Yashwant Shikshan Prasarak Mandal Kodoli’s

Yashwant Ayurvedic College Post Graduate Training & Research Centre, Kodoli

Kodoli Tal : Panhala, Dist : Kolhapur – 416114


Department of Agadtantra

Vyavahar Ayurved,Vidhi Vaidyak

This department Comprises of Agadtantra (Toxicology) Vyavahar Ayurved Vidhi Vaidyak (Medical Jurisprudence & Forensic Medicine )
It deals with Ayurvedic Aspects and Contemporary aspects both.
It includes detailed study of poisons of various origins ranging from plant, Animal to Water, Air pollution, their causes, Management and related legal aspects.
This branch of Medical Science deals with legal aspects of Medicine also the Application of Medical and Para Medical knowledge to the purposes of Law.
In short Knowledge of this Subject deals with Doctor – Doctor Relationship, Doctor – patient Relationship , Doctor State Relationship.
It deals with poisoning cases, their diagnosis, Management and legal necessities, Post Mortem .Examinations, Identification of person ,Various Laws releted to medical profession.
It also includes how the Medical and Para Medical knowledge helps to Law to deliver Justice. The Doctor requires to update the knowledge of this subject every day irrespective of his field of Medical Profession.
Our department has started P.G. course in Agadtantra Vyavahar Ayurved in 2006-2007.Twenty Two P.G.Students have been passed since then.Ten students are doing their post graduation.
Ph.D.Course in Agadtantra is started in 2016 -2017 Three Ph.D. Scholers are pursuing their Ph.D. Course in this department. This department fulfils the norms laid down by C.C.I.M. New Delhi.