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Shri Yashwant Shikshan Prasarak Mandal Kodoli’s

Yashwant Ayurvedic College Post Graduate Training & Research Centre, Kodoli

Kodoli Tal : Panhala, Dist : Kolhapur – 416114


Department of Dravyaguna

Dravyaguna(Ayurvedic Pharmacology) is subject which deals with plants, minerals, products from animal origin etc. are used in Dravyagunashastra. Dravyaguna deals with the properties, actions dose, time of administration & Various preparation etc. Dravyaguna is a subject is included in BAMS in 2nd year Academic schedule Dravyagunashastra is not only a useful factor for swasthya ( maintenance of health ) & chikitsa ( treatment ) but is also the chief factor involved.
In our traditional system of medicine the quality control aspect has been considered from its inception itself by Rishis & later by the vaidyas , However in modern concept it requires necessary changes in their approach , for quality control of herbal medicines we need information of identification , its study documentation and quality assessment is interpreted property in terms of modern assessment .
The world health organization ( WHO) estimates that 4 billion people around the world use herbal medicines for their primary health care. Drugs of natural origin play a significant role in public health and majority of worlds population still relies on herbal medicine to meet its health needs. At least 25 percents of drugs in modern phamacopoea are derived from plant.
Dravyaguna department has 2 acre Herbal garden with 1215 plants with 285 different species of which some are very rare plants it also has Nakshatra garden.
Drvyaguna Post Graduate Course was started in 2013. 17 Students have passed P.G. Course from our Dept. and 13 Students doing the course right now.
Deparment research lab is well equipped for carrying out for standardization of drug and other research work related to dravyaguna.